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2016 Annual Conference of the

Western Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies


UC Riverside Campus Map online

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Statement of Audiovisual Requirements for your presentation


INTS = Interdisciplinary Building south (D5 on map);  ARTS = Arts Building (D5 on map)


Programs will be provided at conference registration.



Friday, February 12


Coffee and Registration                                                                         INTS 1109


Friday, 10:00-11:15 AM


1. Mediating the Market                                                                         INTS 1111

Chair: Tamara Caulkins, Oregon State University


Maziar Azizi, Chapman University: The Doctrine of Submission: Joseph Andrews and the Evolution of Authority


Victor Chalfant, Creighton University: Encounters in Poverty


2. Images and their Productions                                                                 INTS 1113

Chair: Timothy Erwin, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Katrin Boniface, UC Riverside: Genetic History: White Horses


Tara Cederholm, Independent scholar: Curiously Engraven: The New Art of Japanning and an Exploration of Depictions of Asia in 18th-Century London and Boston


J. Marie Hicks, La Sierra University: Isle of Pines: Protoparent of Lost World Paradigms


3. The Crossroads of Eighteenth-Century London                                                   INTS 1128

Chair: Fariba Zarinebaf, UC Riverside


Norbert Schurer, CSU Long Beach: Mirza Abu Taleb Khan in London, 1800


Malina Stefanovska, UCLA: Casanova in London: An Erotic Encounter, and a Cultural Disappointment


Sarah Nicolazzo, UC San Diego: Locodescriptive Policing: Seeing Like A State on the Streets of London


4. The Royal Society                                                                           Arts 166

Chair: Jonathan Eacott, UC Riverside


Brian Norton, CSU Fullerton: World Gazing in Aesthetics and Natural Philosophy


Ingrid Steiner, Gnomon School of Visual Effects: Encounters Across the Pond: William Byrd II’s Royal Society Networks


Lora Geriguis, La Sierra University: Encounters with(in) the Environment: Margaret Cavendish vs. The Royal Society



Friday, 11:30-1:00 PM LUNCH on campus on your own



1-2 PM PLENARY Arts 166

PAULA RADISICH, Whittier College: Encounters in the Field of Representation:  Quentin de La Tour’s Submissions to the Salon of 1741.



Friday, 2:15- 3:30


1. Encounters with the Other                                                              INTS 1111

Chair: Lora Geriguis, La Sierra University


Yenna Wu, UC Riverside: Discursive Encounters on Anthropophagy: Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal and Pu Songling’s Strange Tales


Robert Benson, Ball State University: “Jane Austen” in Jamaica: A Literary Encounter With a Foreign Landscape


Dennis Costa, Boston University: Christopher Smart Encounters the Adversary


2. Censoring Encyclopedic Knowledge and Rewriting the Empire

in Eighteenth-Century Spain                                                               INTS 1113

Chair: Aurora Wolfgang, CSU San Bernardino


Clorinda Donato, CSU Long Beach: Translating, Domesticating and Rewriting the Articles of the Encyclopédie Méthodique for a Spanish Audience


Alan Gomez, CSU Long Beach: Censorship and Identity Formation in Spanish Encyclopedias


Manuel Romero, CSU Long Beach: Narrating Iberoamerica in the Encyclopedia métodica


3.  Mapping The Eighteenth-Century                                                       INTS 1128

Chair: Regulus L. Allen, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


Brittany Miller and Heather King, University of Redlands: Mapping Evelina: A Young Lady’s Entrance into the World Encounters the Digital


John Nieman, UC Irvine: “A very sensible Mortification”: Mapping Shame and Social Consciousness in Lennox’s The Female Quixote


Alex Zukas, National University: Indigenous and Imperial Encounters in Herman Moll’s Maps of North America, 1700-1730


4. Satire and its Uses                                                                    ARTS 166

Chair: Erith Jaffe-Berg, UC Riverside


Bill Knight, Portland State University: Satire Against Spectacle: The Scriblerian Theory of the Event


David Alvarez, DePauw University: Enlightenment Theologies of Satire: The Third Earl of Shaftesbury and Charlie Hebdo



Friday 3:45-5:00


1. Accounting for Labor                                                                  INTS 1111

Chair: Brian Gutierrez, University of Washington


Suzanne Conway, Chestnut Hill College: Ayah, Caregiver for Anglo-Indian Children as Seen in 18th-Century British Painting


Greta D. Bell, CSU Fresno: Encountering and Negotiating a New Kind of Tradesmen in Early Eighteenth-Century England




2. The Importance of Sympathy & Feeling                                                  INTS 1113

Chair: Rachael King, UC Santa Barbara


Maureen Harkin, Reed College: Social Encounter as Social Critique in The Man of Feeling and The Sorrows of Young Werther


Phillip Cortes, UC Santa Barbara: Critical Senses: Understanding Sympathetic Encounters in Sterne’s Tristram Shandy


Katie Charles, UCLA: Tell-Tale Hearts: A Germ of Sentimental Plot-Making (Helene Koon 2015 Winner)


3. Intersections of Music and Culture                                                       INTS 1128

Chair: David Powers, Independent Scholar


Teresa M. Neff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Facing the Music: the Implications of Musical Performances at King’s Chapel, Boston in the Early 19th century


Adam Gilbert, University of Southern California: Handel’s Encounter with the Canzona d’i zampognari at Virgils Wheel in the Hallelujah Chorus


Carolyn Woodward, University of New Mexico: Jane Collier, Sarah Fielding and Music Parties 


4. Transgothic Encounters in the Long 18th Century: Bodies, Genres, and Theories         INTS 3023                                                                                               

Chair: William Levine, Middle Tennessee State University


Jolene Zigarovich, University of Northern Iowa: Transing the Gothic


Nowell Marshall, Rider University: Precursors to Transtextuality in Sophia Lee’s The Recess


Jeremy Chow, UC Santa Barbara: The Monk’s Trans-Media Prescience



Friday 5:15-7:00 PM Reception (Wine and Hors d’oeuvres)ARTS 166 


****Music provided by Adam Knight Gilbert, Thorton School of Music, USC, and Frances Moore, UC Riverside.                 


Dinner on your own in Riverside. We advise you to make reservations in advance.



Saturday, February 13        


Coffee & Registration                                                                        INTS 1109


9:00-10:15 AM


1. Matters of Memory I                                                                       INTS 1111

Chair: Yenna Wu, UC Riverside


Taylor Fontaine Walle, UCLA: James Boswell, Memory, and Oral Tradition


William Levine, Middle Tennessee State University: How William Collins Encounters, Supplements, and Redirects James Thomson’s Anglo-Scottish Cultural Inheritance


Rachael King, UC Santa Barbara: ‘[T]he Persons ought to be rotten first’: Biography as ‘literary remains’


2. Eighteenth-Century Constructions of Masculinity                             INTS 1113

Chair: Katrin Boniface


Tawny Paul, Northumbria University: Physical encounters with the market: Debt, masculinity and the body in eighteenth-century Britain


John Beynon, CSU Fresno: Aphra Behn’s Anti-Fop


Cassandra Hicks, La Sierra University: Masculinity: Destructive Gender in Aphra Behn’s Oronooko


3. Navigating the Mediterranean World                                                   INTS 1128

Chair: Clorinda Donato, CSU Long Beach


Judith Broome, William Paterson University: “Anlish hot for men and bost”:  British Encounters in Portugal


Brittney Bevelaqua, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo: The Seventeenth-Century Crisis and its Role in Redefining the Global Position of the Spains During the Long Eighteenth Century.


Fariba Zarinebaf, UC Riverside: Ottoman-European Encounters in Galata in the early modern period



10:30-12:00 AM



1. Devotional Encounters 

Chair: Treadwell Ruml, CSU San Bernardino                                                   INTS 1111


Reginald J. Mcginnis, University of Arizona: Mock Ritual in Eighteenth-Century French Philosophy


Ross W. Beales, College of the Holy Cross: “To promote Civility and Benevolence”: A New England Minister and an Acadian Refugee Family


Rachael Givens Johnson, University of Virginia: Encounters between Baroque Materiality and Enlightened Piety


2. Speaking through the Body                                                                  INTS 1113

Chair: John Jordan, CSU Fresno


Jessie Wirkus, UC Irvine: Handling Interior States: The Sweaty Hands of Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year


Rebecca Addicks-Salerno, UC Riverside: Fast Friendship: How physiognomy informs the formation of social ties in the work of Ann Radcliffe


Tamara Caulkins, Oregon State University: Reflections on an Embodied Enlightenment


3. Navigating Womanhood                                                                       INTS 1128

Chair: Paula Radisich, Whittier College


Timothy Erwin, University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Venus Adorned by the Graces, Anne Killigrew


Maritere Lopez, CSU Fresno: Encounter and Discernment: Turning Strangers into Allies in Pietro Chiari’s La Viniziana di Spirito


Nazanin Keynejad, CSU Northridge: Masquerading Women: Freedom and Agency in Disguise


12:15-1:30 PM    Lunch and Business Meeting                                        ARTS 166


1:45-3:00 PM


1. Matters of Memory II                                                                       INTS 1111

Chair: Alessa Johns, UC Davis


Miles P. Grier, CUNY, Queens College: Encounters: Literary Scholars and Historians (Helene Koon 2015 Winner)


Mary Helen McMurran, University of Western Ontario: Locke and Transmigratory Soul


2. Intersections of Politics and Literature                                                  INTS 1113

Chair: Brian Norton, CSU Fullerton


Sally Demarest, Cuesta College: Encountering Footnotes in The Adventures of Eovaai: Instability of Narrative and the Social Contract


Garland Beasley, University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Encountering Radicalism: Matthew Lewis’ The Monk, Democracy, and the English Mob


Antônio Carlos dos Santos, Universidade Federal de Sergipe: The “I” and the “other”: a delicate encounter in the Persian Letters of Montesquieu


3. Inhabiting the Torrid zones                                                                    INTS 1128

Chair: Aurora Wolfgang, CSU San Bernardino


David Powers, Independent Scholar: Engaging the Nexus between Art and Society: Opera and Accepted Racial and Social Hierarchies in French Caribbean Colonies


Regulus L. Allen, CSU San Luis Obispo: African Mothers and Mother Africa in British Travel Writing


Julia Frengs, Quest University Canada: Corporeal Confrontations: Encountering the Oceanic Body in the Writings of Louis Antoine de Bougainville, Nicolas Bricaire de la Dixmerie, and Denis Diderot



3:15-4:45 PM


1. Crossing Borders: Transnational Literatures                  INTS 1111

Chair: Malina Stefanovska, UCLA


Alina Romo, New York University: A Scotsman, a German, and the Bard: Translation, “Culture,” and Curating the “Taste” for English Drama


Alessa Johns, UC Davis: Anglo-German Corinnes: The Transnational Reception of German Women’s Writing in British Magazines, 1760-1820


Howard D. Weinbrot, University of Wisconsin, Madison:  Johnson’s Shakespeare in France, and Contexts of Change: From Voltaire to François-Victor Hugo


2. British Women and Writing                                                                   INTS 1113

Chair: Heather King, University of Redlands


Kiawna Brewster, CSU Long Beach: Charlotte Lennox’s Translation of Two Novellas from Boccaccio’s Decameron


3. The Aesthetics of Space                                                                     INTS 1128

Chair: Linda Tomko, UC Riverside


Brian R. Gutierrez, University of Washington: Celebrity and Transgressive Spatial Encounters: Tracing the Theatrical Celebrity Culture in Gothic Drama


J. David Macey, University of Central Oklahoma: Perilous Encounters: Identity and Escapism in an Urban Pleasure Garden


Maja Michaliszyn, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts: Venetian Encounters with New Worlds in Pietro Longhi’s Nuovo Mondo (1749-59)


Saturday 5pm   Conference concludes  

If you anticipate dining in Riverside on Saturday night, advance reservations are strongly recommended, as well as for Sunday February 14.






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